Household Water Kit – Specifications

Exact water kit may vary according to context. Except when receiving in-kind contributions, kits will normally be ordered by individual items and kitted by CRS. The shipping information is therefore given by individual item.

Procurement location:  Should be procured locally as long as quality standards can be assured – especially concerning material composition of jerry cans and quality of water purification.

*Please note – Costs will vary globally

Shipping and Cost Details:

Item Packaging Weight Dimensions Volume Cost
Jerry can, foldable Carton of 48 11 kg 66x38x42cm 109L $6
Jerry can, rigid Individual 2.4 kg Varies 15L $20
Bucket Pallet, 200 stacked 200kg 120x100x110cm 1000L $4.50
Soap Carton of 12 6.5kg 26x20x23cm 28L $2.50 per carton
Water purification tablets (Aquatabs)* Carton of 10,000 N/A N/A N/A $50 per carton

* If the water is not very turbid, then Aquatabs are fine.  If the water is turbid then Aquatabs may not be sufficient in terms of the chlorine demand. In the case of flood emergencies and more contaminated water may be used, it is recommended to use PuR (Procter and Gamble) or Chlor-Floc (recommended by US-EPA).  Also you can use Watermaker for the first two weeks of a flood/natural disaster where access to a cleaner water source is a real challenge and one can then shift to Aquatabs since these are cheaper. It is in powder form but is the same in terms of using a set quantity mixed in a jerry can. Same principle for PuR sachets since both have flocculants to settle solids. Each packet treats ten liters of water.

Specifications: Basic Water Kit for family of 5 for one month.

Jerry Cans (2) PVC/PE10L; Screw top lid; 50mm minimum opening; New high-density polyethylene for rigid jerry cans; Food grade low ethylene for folding or collapsible; Suitability for drinking water should be approved by official body; Light color only, UV treated for long term outdoor use; Carrying handle; Drop test from 2m with full water on hard ground – 3 consecutive drops without damage or leakage
Bucket with lid (1) 14L; HDPE
Soap, bar (5) Approximately 250g; Wrapped
Water purification tabs (6) NaDCC; 33mg tabs/PAC-50
Rigid jerry can
Rigid jerry can