Vehicle Data Collection & Reporting

Good vehicle management requires data collection, reporting, and analysis.  You must look at the data each month to make sure that kilometers driven, fuel usage, spare parts receipts, depletion, and maintenance patterns all make sense given the uses to which you are putting the vehicles.

The CRS-developed Vehicle Management System (VMS) software is the best way to collect and report vehicle data.

If you are in a field office, you will operate the software as a sub-division of the country program.  Contact the main CP office to ask them to either install a version for you (and train new staff on how to use it), or put the field office’s data in their database and send you the reports.

If there is no CP, contact the regional office about installing VMS and training people to use it.

Vehicle inputs such as fuel and maintenance is where we most commonly find fraud. VMS captures the use and costs of spares, fuel, oil, labor, etc. and helps you to enhance the control.