Winch and Bull Bar

The below material specification is quoted here for reference and does not represent agency’s recommended materials. Decision to procure such items must be made based on the context and operating environment.

Procurement location:  Do not purchase locally – these should be factory installed. If it is deemed necessary to have a winch and bull bar when procuring new vehicles, they should be factory installed as part of the order.

Shipping details:  Installed on vehicle.  Bull bars are factory installed and wrap the front grill of the vehicle for extra protection. The specific bull bar will be determined by the model vehicle ordered.

Manufacturer option codes:  BUL (Bull bar); WIB5 (Winch fitted to bull bar)

Winch Specifications:


Rated line pull 4,536 kg single line
Motor 12v series wound
Electric Control Solenoid
Remote Control Remote switch, 3.7m lead
Geartrain 3-stage planetary
Gear ratio 61:1
Brake Automatic direct drive cone
Drum diameter/length 6.4cm/23cm
Wire rope 24m, 9.5mm diam.
Fairlead Roller
Recommended battery 650 CCA
Battery leads 2 gauge, 1.83m