We’ve attached a timesheet that staff can use if the CP did not give you one.

Timesheet Template

Payroll is based on Timesheets.  Staff must begin to fill them out as soon as they start.  If they are working on different projects, they should indicate the amount of time each day that they worked on each project so we can charge grants appropriately.

The supervisor will approve each of his/her supervisee’s timesheet at the end of the month.  Then either HR or Finance will collect them into a central location (check with the CP to see which department handles this) and calculate payroll.

Have staff turn in their timesheets four to five days before they get paid.  You can end the month “early” in order to pay them on time.  That is, you can have your timesheets run from the 26th of Month 1 to the 25th of Month 2 to give staff time to calculate the payroll and arrange for payment by the end of Month 2.