Renting Vehicles

If renting vehicles, ask owners to submit bids for a specific period of time (eg: the next six months). Follow the CP’s purchasing procedures for collecting bids, but if these do not exist,you don’t have access to them, use the Purchasing Section of this manual.

A request for quotations template can be found in the following Fleet RFQ Template document. Prior to using this version, check with the CP to see if there is one they are already using.

After written bids have been collected and narrowed to a shortlist of candidates, a CRS staff person with driving and mechanics experience should:

  1. Inspect each vehicle offered for lease use the Pre-rental Vehicle Check-List and;
  2. Test the vendor’s drivers as we would do for CRS Drivers:
    1. Driving Test with macros and formulas (English) and Français
    2. Driving Test without formulas (English) and Français

Once a vehicle(s) have been selected, sign a contract with the selected vendor(s) utilizing a contract provided by the country program.  If the CP does not have a viable contract template, or you don’t have access to it, start with this template:

Vehicle Rental Contract (English) and Français


Try to make contract terms as flexible as possible, based on context and need.

EXAMPLE: the contract could be an “open contract” with payments based on an agreed daily rate upon written request CRS 24 hours in advance. This allows CRS to increase or decrease activities based directly on need and reduces the amount of time rented vehicles are contracted without being used.

CONSIDER: Having contracts with multiple service providers. Vehicle contractors have a limited number of vehicles and often have contracts with multiple organizations – this can result in not having access to enough vehicles when needed if working with only one contractor.

The Rented Vehicle Immobilization Form (English) (French) is used to track days of vehicle immobilization so immobilization days are deducted from the vendor payment – NOTE this clause needs to be part of the Vehicle Rental Contract. The form is maintained by an appointed staff (Administration, fleet manger officer) and immobilization days noted on the tracking sheet are counter signed by the driver.

Keep in stock a pool of first aid kits to equip each rented vehicle and also ensure first aid training is given to contracted drivers.

Make copies of the vehicle’s registration, the owner’s ID, the driver’s license, the rental contract, and any other paperwork, and file them in the Rental Vehicle File for that vehicle.  (The original lease contract should be filed in Finance).

NOTE: All rental drivers must be run through Bridger Insight

Track rented vehicles using the Vehicle Lease Tracking Form (English) and French

Vehicle Rental – Methods for allocating rental cost to project.


All rented vehicles must have a Vehicle Log Sheet Template (English) (no VMS) and Français.

When vehicles are rented, and their use charged exclusively to one single project (DSPN) the allocation is simple. All rental cost and running cost are charged to a specific DSPN.

When vehicles are rented and their usage is charged to multiple projects (DSPN) the rental cost need to be allocated in a fair way to the project using the vehicles. Two metrics for allocating cost must be considered:

Time: for allocating rental cost

KM: for allocating running cost (Fuel)

Two methods are proposed and acceptable for allocating time.

  • Allocation based on time used per project for allocation of rental cost and KM per project for fuel usage can be done using the Rental Vehicle Use and Cost Tracking template (English) and Français.
  • Estimation of percentage of uses for time usage per project. Fuel cost allocation will still have to be allocated based on KM per project.

The first method is more accurate but requires more management. The second method is good for emergency start up response but should quickly shift to the second methods when the situation is more stable. While making such determination, consult with DRD Ops.

Ensure someone (Admin Officer/Fleet Officer) is tasked to prepare all reports with supporting documentation.