Inspecting Goods While They are Stored

You must make regular inspections of the interior and exterior of the warehouse to verify the quality of the stored goods as well as the conditions of their storage.

See the attached Warehouse Inspection Checklist for the items that the inspectors should check.

Do a routine inspection every day that the warehouse is open.

Do a formal, documented inspection:

  1. Once each week (done by the Warehouse Officer)
  2. Every time there is a physical inventory (done by the inventory team)

The inspection should focus on the following elements:

  1. Is the general quality and appearance of the goods adequate?

    Check for any external signs of deterioration, critical dates (expiry/best if used by dates, etc…) to minimize any losses and ensure optimal stock rotation.

  2. Are the stacks clean, straight and secure?

    Inspect all stacks for cleanliness and stability. Ensure that all goods are stacked in an orderly fashion, and that there are no movements that can make the stacks unstable and prone to falls. Ensure that all goods are accessible and easy to count. Inspect large stacks to ensure there no goods were removed without your knowledge.

  3. Is the warehouse clean and free from clutter?

    The warehouse should be cleaned after every loading and unloading operation, and all items in the warehouse should be stacked in an orderly and safe fashion.

  4. Are there any spillages or open containers?

    Any spillage during warehouse operation should be cleaned immediately. Do not allow spillage to remain overnight without cleaning. All containers should be sealed and no goods should be exposed to open air. Any damaged packages should be repaired and/or the goods therein should be reconditioned.

  5. Are there any goods that are damaged or dangerous for humans and for other goods?

    Remove and dispose of any goods that are damaged, unfit for their intended use, prone to contamination of other goods, present a fire or insect hazard, are obtrusive and impede warehouse movement, or any other goods that present a hazard.

  6. Is the warehouse protected from external dangers, such as thieves, rodents, flies, excessive wind, excessive sun, rain, etc…?

    Ensure the warehouse has physical barriers such as fly screens, mosquito nets, door sweeps or thresholds at the base of all exterior entry doors and seal cracks and leaky pipes. Ensure also that the warehouse has a sealed leak-proof roof, wind breakers, sunshades, and is adequately ventilated. Possible rodent nests, garbage, deteriorated equipment etc should be removed. Close any holes or openings in the walls, floors and ceilings that permits entry of rats or birds. Other preventive methods such as sticky traps for rodents and UV lamps for insects can also be implemented.