Arrange a TDY

Temporary Duty assignments (TDYs) are staffing needs filled temporarily by someone reassigned from within CRS.

TDYs are the most common method of filling staffing needs during the early stages of an emergency.

Steps to bring in someone on TDY:

  1. Develop the Scope of Work
  2. See the attached document, Sources of Temporary Staff, for a list of places you can contact to generate a list of names of people around CRS who could fill your need.
  3. When you’ve identified a couple people, check around with others who have worked with them in the past to make sure you get a few different opinions of the candidates’ work in different situations.
  4. When you’ve narrowed it down to the most appropriate candidate, contact the person’s supervisor. Note that it should probably be the CR or RD who makes this contact.
  5. If successful with the candidate’s supervisor, contact the candidate. Send the SOW and discuss the potential assignment. Make arrangements for travel.
  6. Send orientation documents to the TDY and have introductory conversation before he/she arrives.  (See Orientation)