The Set Up Team

The field team will work on the following tasks:

    1. Find and set up an office and perhaps also a residence
    2. Begin to recruit core staff for the new office and residence
    3. Set up basic security, finance and administrative systems
    4. Determine & prioritize the next steps for the office set up, including recommendations for power and communications systems, transport, and staff training.

The team of people you send (or bring with you) should have experience with these kinds of work.

See the  HR section on staff planning for a process which might help you identify these people.

If you’re working within a country program, send staff who are experts in the country program’s own systems. 

Make sure it is clear who reports to whom, both within the team, and from the team to the main office.  Put the team members into an organization chart (example below) and share the chart with everyone.  Indicate on the chart to whom the team reports in the main office.

Click here for some information on how to make an organization chart on a computer.