Hiring Step 8: Receive CVs


We must be able to show that no CVs were lost after they were given to us.  Losing applications is a way to bias the hiring process for or against certain groups or individuals.

How to Do This:

  1. Make sure everyone (applicants and staff) understands that all CVs must go to one of two places:
    1. Hard copies go to the person receiving and logging in hard copy CVs.
    2. Electronic copies go to the email address set up to receive CVs.
  2. Train a receptionist or front gate guard to receive hard copy CVs and log them in and lock them in a secure location.  Give him or her a printed copy of this CV Receipt Log.
  3. Train an HR or administrative staff person to check the email address for CVs for this position. (This can be the same person who is receiving the hard copy CVs). For CVs submitted by email, the email folder will serve as the log of documents we received.
  4. As CVs come in, the HR officer or administrative staff person assigned to handle these matters can collect the CVs and give them to the Hiring Supervisor for short listing.
  5. When the committee is finished with them, the HR or admin staff should file the logs and the CVs in the recruiting file for that vacancy number.

Next Step:

Step 9: Go through the CVs and select the people you want to contact for tests.