Basic Procurement Principles

When all else fails, make sure you are following these basic principles and that you can show (through documentation) that you have done so.

The following text is excerpted and adapted from the Baltimore Procurement Manual (link on Global to versions in Arabic, French and Spanish):

  1. CRS will purchase all goods and services on the best terms consistent with the required quality and delivery time, and at the lowest total cost.  In emergency situations the ranking factors change order of priority to: delivery, quality, and price.  Delivery time often becomes the critical factor in emergency situations, especially during “rapid onset” or acute emergencies. Should a particular situation dictate a rapid response, the situation should be documented— as with any purchase— noting the reasons, if warranted, why Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were not followed completely.
  2. We will purchase on a competitive basis to maximize the value of each dollar we spend.
  3. All interested suppliers shall receive fair and impartial consideration.
  4. All transactions will be undertaken only for the benefit of the agency’s mission, and not for the personal benefit of employees or partners.
  5. Employees, officers, directors, and others associated with the agency may not obtain any personal or financial benefit for themselves, relatives, associates or friends while purchasing any type of goods or services for CRS.    Failure to comply may be cause for disciplinary action up to, and including, termination.

Our procurement procedures are put in place as the best way we have found to honor these principles.