Blankets – Specifications

Blankets come in different materials; woolen, cotton and synthetic. The choice of material primarily depends on the climatic conditions, availability and cultural appropriateness. The Thermal Resistance of a Garment (TOG) is used to specify its thermal quality;

  • TOG 1.5 – for use indoors with heating
  • TOG 2.5 – Minimum for hot or temperate climates (cold nights)
  • TOG 4 – For cold climates 10°C
  • TOG 6 – for 0°C
  • TOG 8 – for -10°C
  • TOG 9.5 for -20°C

In most locations, a TOG of 2.5 is the minimum required. Colder climates may require higher TOG. Not all local suppliers will be able to give a TOG value. Other possible rating standards are R-value, which corresponds to 10 x TOG value (2.5 TOG=25 R-value), or U-value, which corresponds to 1/(10xTOG) – (2.5 TOG=1/25 U-value).

Tensile strength of blankets should be a minimum of 25 kg in both warp and weft.

Blankets should be a minimum of 2m x 1.5m, unless smaller blankets intended for children’s use are also procured.

Procurement location: Procure locally if above standards or similar can be sourced.

Shipping and cost details:

Item Packaging Weight Dimensions Volume Cost
TOG 2.5 50% Wool Blanket Bundle of 20 35kg 0.8m width x 0.5m height 11L $4 per blanker
TOG 4 80% Wool Blanket Bundle of 20 40kg 0.8m width x 0.5m height 8L $6 per blanket