Vehicle Management Unit (VMU)

VMU Structure

Eventually, for a medium-sized office and fleet (6 to 25 vehicles), you’ll probably want a VMU that looks something like this.


The Fleet Manager (FM) does the trip scheduling, planning, maintenance, filing and documentation, VMS management, reporting, managing and reporting on the work of the Head Drivers and/or Mechanics, Drivers (click on positions to find JDs).  The FM reports to the Operations Manager, Logistics Manager or Office Manager.

Operations will probably start with just a few drivers and vehicles to manage.  Have a general Administration Officer take on the essential roles of the Fleet Manager until the staffing configuration expands.

Hiring Transport Staff

Visit the HR Section for details on the full recruitment process

Job Descriptions

1. Fleet Manager (FM)

2. Head Drivers and/or Mechanics

3. Drivers

It is required to test each new Driver hire as well as vet each candidate through Bridger Insight

  1. Driving Test with macros and formulas (English) and Français
  2. Driving Test without formulas (English) and Français

More information is available on the Fleet Manager Toolkit – Vehicle Management Unit (VMU)