Equipment & Supplies

Whoever is carrying out purchasing tasks, they will need the following equipment:

File folders Each Purchase Requisition Form (PRF) will be filed in a separate folder, with all of the related documentation.  They will be organized by PRF number.  
Filing Cabinet with Lock At the end of every day, all purchasing files are put into the cabinet, filed by PRF number. The cabinet is locked because there is sensitive bid information inside.  
Computer Needed in order to read this manual, receive emailed forms, prepare bid request forms, prepare purchase orders, circulate information via email or CRS Global  
Printer Needed in order to print out emailed forms for filing; to prepare bid request forms, bid comparison forms, and purchase orders. In combination with the scanner this can be used for simple copying too.  

Scanner Needed in order to send electronic versions of signed hard copy documents to a main or regional office for review and approval, or to send documentation to HQ for local purchase approvals.  In combination with the printer this can be used for simple copying too.  
Special email address separate from individuals’ email addresses. e.g. “[email protected] Needed to receive emailed bids without interference of other messages.  
Tender box Needed to receive sealed bids in a secure location at the office.  
Lock for tender box(If you can get two different ones, great)  Needed to lock the tender box.  (It would be even better if you can have two different locks, and give the keys to different people.)