WASH – Common Specifications

According to SPHERE and to general good WASH practices in the sector any hygiene kit should always include the water storage and collection items as these are an integral part of the hygiene kit. Therefore, it is suggested to create a unique hygiene kit that combines the Hygiene & Household Water Kits as well as a Solid Waste Collection Kit and Latrine Cleaning Kit – Water Testing  Kits and Items for Water Supply are also listed.

Below you’ll find listed the different items/kit with a short rationale of each ones aim. It is important to underline that composition of each kit is indicative, thus the respective kits should be adapted to specific needs and considerations should be taken to local norms and the cultural context.

Pictures are also provided to show type and quality required for items as well as to help procurement staff to identify  items in local markets or with national providers – some items have links to international suppliers.