Vehicle Files

Each vehicle in your office should have its own File – this includes rental vehicles. If the Fleet Manager is also acting as asset manager for the fleet, maintenance of the Vehicle Asset File will fall under his responsibilityIf the Asset management of the fleet fall under the responsibility of another department, the Vehicle File Checklist can be used and can be printed and pasted in the ring binder.

The Vehicle Asset File document includes guidance and should include (list not all-inclusive):

  1. Complete copy of the procurement file: (all documents including Requisition, Purchase Order, Local Purchase Approval, Delivery Note from the supplier; Pro-forma invoices, Gift Certificate; Copy of the Certificate of Origin; Importation Document (as appropriate); FAN etc..); Pictures of all sides of vehicle, including license plate.
  2. Licensing, Registration and Insurance Documents: Vehicle Registration (or copy of registration); Insurance information / record, if any. Certificate of Fitness (where applicable); Road License (where applicable); Original titles or “registration books” must be kept together in a binder kept in the Finance safe or other secure location.
  3. Accident / Road Crash and Incident reports
  4. Vehicle Inventory List:  Vehicle Inventory List (English) and Français (to record all material and equipment in a vehicle).
  5. Maintenance and Repair reports: Maintenance requests; Maintenance Schedule and Records (English) and Français, Vehicle Daily Inspection Checklist and Français Copy of Maintenance and Repair Invoices
  6. Vehicle Log Sheets: Original completed Vehicle Log Sheet Template (English) and Français

For rental vehicles, the Vehicle File Checklist should also include:

  1. Copy of owner’s ID
  2. Proof that the person from whom we are renting actually owns the vehicle or a legally certified document giving authority to the vehicle owner’s representative
  3. If vehicle rented with driver, driver appointment letter from the owner and copy of the driver’s license
  4. Copy of the vehicle lease contract, copy of insurance, vehicle registration, Road tax (if applicable)
  5. Copies of communications with owner

Document Tip: check with local authorities if carrying original certified copies of original documents on board the vehicle is allowed by law.