Hygiene & Household Water Kit – Specifications

A hygiene kit is designed to promote hygiene within families affected by disaster or conflict. A hygiene kit should enable:

  • Storage of safe drinking water at household level is possible,
  • Good practices around drinking water use are reaffirmed by means of the kit in combination with Hygiene Promotion
  • All family members be able to practice handwashing at key times,
  • Washing of self and clothing,
  • Adults to manage both babies and young children’s feces
  • The use of dedicated water containers for anal cleansing (if used)
  • The management of menstruation
  • Practice of food hygiene

The Hygiene kit will vary by local practice and the quantities of each item will need to be adjusted according to average local family or household size.

Procurement location: Best to procure locally, but if sufficient supplies do not exist in country, then purchase regionally and outward from “home” as needed.

Shipping and cost details:  Shipping will depend on whether items are kitted prior to final shipping or kitted at the destination. Consider packaging for kitting if items are procured separately – reusable cloth bags can be used, although they will be hard to stack for storage and transport. When buckets are being used, hygiene and other kits can be packed inside them and stacked for transport.  Shipping components already kitted will increase the overall shipping volume. Below are examples of the items, specs & shipping details. Click on the Item hyperlink for photos.

Item (photo) Specs Packaging Weight Dimensions Volume Vendor
OXFAM Bucket 14 liter w/lid, pour spout, plastic handle Pallet/Stackable .72 kg 12 x100x120cm 1.3200 m3  OXFAM
Jerry Can – Rigid PVC/PE10L; Screw top lid; 50mm minimum opening; New high-density polyethylene for rigid jerry cans; Food grade low ethylene for folding or collapsible; Suitability for drinking water should be approved by official body; Light color only, UV treated for long term outdoor use; Carrying handle; Drop test from 2m with full water on hard ground – 3 consecutive drops without damage or leakage Individual 2.4 kg Varies 15 L
Bucket w/lid 14L; HDPE (alternative to OXFAM bucket) Pallet-200 stacked 200 kg 120x100x110cm 1000 L
Water purification tablets NaDCC/Aquatabs* NaDCC/Aquatabs*; 5mg (NaDCC 8.5mg), for 1L water, 1 tablet Carton of 10,000 N/A N/A N/A  IFCR  or Aquatabs
Ladle with Handle Plastic-NOT METAL Individual Local Local Local
Washing Basin Plastic for washing clothes/dishes Individual Local Local Local
ORS Sachets of Oral Rehydration Salts 20.5g to 1 liter Carton of 1,000 24 kg 48x27x40cm 0.0489 m3  IFRC or OXFAM
Soap Non-perfumed, hypoallergenic, wrapped bar, 250ml wrapped Carton of 50 13.5 kg 42x30x33cm 28L
Laundry Detergent Bar (not powder) for ease of transport and longer lasting Carton of 4 11 kg 18x36x46cm 24L
Towel 100% cotton, 50×80 cm Carton of 120 20 kg 58x46x30cm 85L
Sanitary towels Cloth (Dark Color) or Disposable Carton of 288 4 kg 40x25x45cm 47L
Toilet paper* Roll, biodegradable Carton of 96 16 kg 60x43x48cm 127L
Container-Anal Cleansing Plastic/As per cultural norm Individual Local Local Local

With Children

Potty Plastic – local availability Individual Local Local Local
Nappies/Diapers Cloth preferred for size adjustment & reusability/Disposable acceptable Individual Local Local Local

Additional Items

Toothbrush Medium hardness, individually wrapped Carton of 144 1 kg 20x20x18cm 7.2L
Toothpaste 75ml tube Carton of 144 14 kg 62x30x30cm 55L
Shampoo Hypoallergenic, PH 5.5, 500ml bottle, minimum shelf life 1 year Carton of 12 6.5 kg 26x20x23cm 13L
Comb Plastic Carton of 144 .5 kg 14x9x17c 2L

* If the water is not very turbid, then Aquatabs are fine.  If the water is turbid then Aquatabs may not be sufficient in terms of the chlorine demand. In the case of flood emergencies and more contaminated water may be used, it is recommended to use PuR (Procter and Gamble) or Chlor-Floc (recommended by US-EPA).  Also you can use Watermaker for the first two weeks of a flood/natural disaster where access to a cleaner water source is a real challenge and one can then shift to Aquatabs since these are cheaper. It is in powder form but is the same in terms of using a set quantity mixed in a jerry can. Same principle for PuR sachets since both have flocculants to settle solids. Each packet treats ten liters of water.