You should have separate files for each of the following documents:

  1. All Waybills that come with items that are delivered.  These are filed by date.
  2. All Goods Received Notes we issue.  These should be filed by GRN number, with tally sheets attached.
  3. All Warehouse Activity Reports, filed by date.
  4. All finished Warehouse Ledgers, by date.
  5. All Inventory Physical Count documents, both scheduled and surprise inventories, with the Tally Sheets used in counting attached to them.  These are filed by date.
  6. All completed Warehouse Inspection Checklists, filed by date.
  7. All Fumigation Reports, by date.
  8. All Reconditioning Requests, by date.
  9. All Loss Reports, by date.
  10. All Disposal Reports, by date.
  11. All Stock Release Forms, by number if the forms are pre-numbered.  File them by date if they are not numbered.
  12. All CRS Waybills issued as we sent items, by Waybill number (with tally sheets attached).  These copies will not have a signature from the recipient.
  13. All Returned CRS Waybills, with the recipient’s signature from the delivery, filed by date.
  14. All used Stack/Bin cards, filed by Stack/Bin Card number.

The Warehouse Manager is responsible for keeping these files up to date at all times.  She can delegate the activity but must make sure that it is done.

Do not let filing get out of hand.  Do it at the end of every day.