During the Delivery

When a delivery arrives, the people involved take the following actions.

  1. The Delivery Person (DP) arrives at the CRS facility (office or warehouse) with the item(s) and the Waybill.
  2. The CRS Warehouse Officer (WO) meets the DP.  The WO will have:
    1. A copy of the Purchaser Order, Contract, or other documentation stating what we are expecting to arrive (click here for a list of possibilities), and
    2. A blank Goods Received Note (GRN) to fill out, if the items have come from a vendor.
  3. The DP hands a copy of the Waybill to the WO.
  4. The WO counts and inspects the item(s), and compares what he finds to the information on the Waybill and on the Purchase Order (or other document).
    1. If there is one or are just a few items, the WO will count and inspect them within a few minutes.
    2. If there are many items, or many trucks full of items, the WO will have arranged for laborers to:
      1. Unload,
      2. Count,
      3. Inspect, and
      4. Stack 

      the items, under the WO’s supervision.

  5. The DP observes the unloading, counting and inspecting.
  6. The WO writes down the quality and quantity of the items delivered on the Waybill and GRN.

    Note:  If…

    1. The items delivered do not match the information on the Waybill,
    2. Some items are damaged, OR
    3. The items delivered do not match what we were expecting to get,

    Click here for information about what to do.

  7. The DP signs the Waybill and GRN.
  8. The WO signs the Waybill and GRN.
  9. The DP leaves with:
    1. The original and one copy of the signed Waybill (or one signed copy of the Goods Received Note) with a detailed description of exactly what we received, and any problems there were with the delivery.
    2. Items we have rejected, if any.  In some cases, the DP might refuse to take the rejected items with them.  Click here for some information on what to do if that happens.