Tents – Shelter Programming Specifications

Tents used for shelter programming activities should meet the minimum requirements of 3.5 square meters per person in hot and temperate climates, and provide adequate protection from the elements and a reasonable level of privacy. Canvas is the primary material for sufficiently sturdy tents.  See section on tent winterization if working in colder climates.

Procurement location:  Locally available tents are unlikely to meet appropriate standards for beneficiaries. The below-cited IFRC document provides specifications for having these tents specially produced locally or purchased internationally (IFRC Code: HSHETENTF16C). If the tents are for field operating teams and they can be procured locally to speed up response, then standards can be flexible.

Shipping and cost details:

Item Packaging Weight Dimensions Volume Cost
16 square meter tent, family of five 1 cloth bag 55 kg N/A 282L $340


Please see http://procurement.ifrc.org/catalogue/upload/products_data/files/HSHETENT01.pdf for full specifications of IFRC recommended tents.  IFRC Code: HSHETENTF16C

Please see https://cms.emergency.unhcr.org/documents/11982/57181/Family+Tent/c27ba67d-21cd-4d72-b7e7-3fc20bb086f6 for specifications of UNHCR family tent.