Track Locations of Staff

With people coming into, going out of, and moving around inside the emergency area, you will need a tool to keep track of where each person is on any given day – and who is arriving in or departing from each location.

This information is essential for both security and administration.

We recommend setting up one Travel Coordinator in the main office, and one in each sub office. This may or may not be an HR staff person.  But whoever fills these roles, the they must work closely with the HR staff.  

If possible, have the Travel Coordinator use the Position Coverage Table to track locations.  Using one tool for related purposes (rather than having many different tools) is a good way to avoid confusion.

However, if you are tracking a large number of staff, you may want to create a second tool dedicated to Staff Location Tracking only.

See the following attachments for templates, examples, and tips:

    1. Staff Location Tracking Templates and Examples
    2. Tips for Implementing Your Location Tracking Tool