International Consultants

Consultants are non-CRS employees who are engaged for short periods to perform a distinct assignment over which they have control. They are not eligible for the benefits employees receive (such as insurance).

Consultants may not supervise CRS employees. If the responsibilities of a position require that the person supervise CRS staff, then you should look for a TDY or short term hire.

An International Consultant is any consultant who is not a national of the country where you are working. (If you need help with National Consultants instead, click here.)

The HQ HR department has set up a page on Global that gives all the details of how to hire an international consultant.

Employee Services, Working With Consultants (you will get a Global sign-on page first)

We have also attached the documents from that page here, just in case you don’t have a good internet connection.

Consultants vs Employees, Guidelines

Hiring Consultants, Frequently Asked Questions

Procedure for Hiring Consultants

Consultant Requisition

Consultant Scope of Work Example

Consulting Agreement, Standard (or Consulting Agreement, Photographer)