Tools and cleaning kits – Specifications

Tools may be used in a variety of programs, especially food/agriculture, shelter construction, well/latrine construction and rubble/debris clearing. Tool packages are often designed to be shared among groupings of families and kits should be designed with the specific needs of the recipients in mind. The following list is exemplary; sector and local experts should be consulted in determining what items are needed for the specific work to be done.

It is important to consider worker safety and provide adequate protective gear as appropriate.

Most tools and cleaning kits will be sourced locally. Samples of tools should be checked for quality against local standards.

Procurement location:  Procure locally if available. Check quality against local standards.

Shipping details:  Tool kits are often bulky and can be difficult to assemble and package without proper packing materials. Sharp edges or points can create problems. Shipping details should be discussed with supplier.

A typical shelter repair tool kit, with fixings (nails and wire) will weigh 10-15kg and cost 30 USD.

Example Tool Kits by Application:

Agricultural Recovery
  Hammer Wooden, glass-fiber, or steel handle; weight 1 -1.5 lb.
Boots Rubber boots
Hoe Steel blade, wooden handle
Rake Tines made of rigid metals, usually steel; handle made of fiberglass, aluminum or wood.
Crowbar Long metal bar
Mallet Double faced head; handle made of wood.
Shelter Construction
  Saw For timber, 400mm blade
Claw Hammer Hardened steel head, wooden or plastic handle, 700-800 grams
Dig Bar Chisel and point, 3cm dia. x 1.5 m
Measuring Tape Steel, 5m or longer
Tie Wire Galvanized steel, 1.5-3 mm dia.
  Shovel Pressed carbon steel, hardwood handle, long handle
Claw hammer Hardened steel head, wooden or plastic handle, 700-800 grams
Saw For timber, 400mm blade
Trowel Masonry, 200mm blade, specify square or pointed blade
Wheel Barrow Heavy duty, 90-150 L, 120kg capacity
Bucket Galvanized steel, with handle, 10-16 L
Debris Clearing
   Pick Axe Forged iron head, wood handle, specify head weight
Sledge Hammer Hardened steel, wood handle,One handed – 1200-2000 g, 250mm; Two-handed – 4800 g, 900mm
Dust Pan Metal
Broom Specify if push broom
Gloves Durable, heavy leather
Helmets Minimum 150g per pair, M or L size
Dust Masks Adjustable elastic straps
Boots Specify rubber or other, specify size
Cleaning (Post flood, etc.)
  Large bottles of Bleach
Cloth wipers Cotton or mixed cotton/synthetic fibers, high absorbancy, ~50 cm x 50 cm
Mops Natural cotton or mixed cotton, synthetic fibers, 450g minimum weight, wood handle
Brooms Specify if push broom
Dustpan Metal
Hand brush Stiff, durable bristles, wood or plastic block, ~25 x 5 cm, 3 cm bristles
Rubber gloves First grade 100% natural rubber, non toxic, M or L size, 60-100g per pair
Buckets Galvanized steel, with handle, 10-16 L
Toilet brush Plastic, long handle
Drum 50 gallon,