National Staff Step 17: Make Offer, Sign Contract


Agree on terms of employment and sign a contract certifying that agreement.

How to Do This:

    1. Notify the candidateIn an emergency it is perfectly fine to make the offer by phone (as long as you have the terms of the offer approved in writing by the CR).

      You can also draw up an offer letter to give to the candidate. We’ve attached an 

      Offer Letter Example, and an 
      Offer Letter Template.

    2. Discuss offer with candidate, if the candidate asks to do so.  If the candidate wants to negotiate a higher salary than we’ve offered, or additional benefits, you can discuss this with him or her.  However, you do not have the authority to change the offer.  In order to make a change you’ll have to go back to Step 16 and get a new written approval.  Make sure the candidate understands this when you are speaking with him/her.
    3. Draw up a Contract.  You can get the contract ready before you make the offer.  When it contains information about the agreed salary and benefits, the appropriate person can sign it. (Note that in some places it is the practice to sign two copies of the contract and give one to the employee.)You should be able to get a contract template one of the following places, in order of preference:
        1. The CP HR department
        2. The DRD MQ
        3. The Contract Template attached to this manual (This template should cover the basics until you can get in touch with a lawyer.)  The attached Temporary Service Agreement could also be helpful. 
          A lawyer must review any employment contract
          for compliance with national and local labor law.  They lawyer must then give us a written opinion that the contract template meets the requirements of the law.

          If you are using a template from the CP HR office, check with them to make sure it has been reviewed by a lawyer.  If it has not, or if you are using a template from the DRD MQ or the one attached to this manual, get in touch with a local labor lawyer and have the contract reviewed (and approved in writing by the lawyer). Then amend the contracts you’ve signed as necessary.

Final Action in Hiring:  

File all documents in the Recruiting File for the position and the new Personnel File for the new staff person.

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