1.3 Minimum Economic Recovery Standards (MERS)

The objectives of this session are that:

  • Part I: Participants understand what MERS are and why they are important.
  • Part II: Participants understand the core standards in greater detail
  • Part II: Participants understand one of the technical standards (Productive Assets) in greater detail

Note that Part I is an overview, and Part II goes into more detail.  You can use either Part I only, or both, depending on the goal of your training. You may also include or exclude the quizzes.

Facilitation Guides

1.3 Facilitation Guide MERS

1.3 Facilitator Aid, MERS core standards quiz

1.3 Facilitator Cheatsheet quiz answers


1.3.1 MERS review quiz

1.3.2 Exercise on Productive Assets Standard


Session 1.3 Minimum Economic Recovery Standards (MERS)

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