Human Resources

The staff and the team they make up are the most important element in any emergency response.  You, as an Emergency First Responder, may be involved with determining what kind of people we need, finding those people, and taking care of them as and after they come on board.

This section of the manual gives you some tools and tips for finding and managing staff.  Read it yourself and/or give it to the staff you might have to handle human resource matters.

This Human Resources section is organized into seven parts by the seven different types of activity you will undertake;

    1. Gathering Information
    2. Defining Staffing Needs
    3. Filling Staffing Needs
    4. Tracking Staff
    5. Looking at Salary and Benefits
    6. Setting up Record Keeping
    7. Orienting & Getting Staff Started
    8. Managing Staff Well-being

Remember that your first resource is always the country program or regional human resource and/or Operations staff and the systems they already have in place.