Click on the link here to download the Finance In Emergencies Handbook as a Word document. This document deals primarily with how to set-up and manage an Operating Cash on Hand (OCH) account.

Click on the link to find the most recent version of the Financial Policies & Procedures Manual as a point of reference for all CRS financial policies.

Agreement Guidance

1.  Agreements Policy & Procedure (POL-OOD-001) The purpose of this policy is to:

a) Define “agreement” within the context of CRS’ overseas operations activities;

b) Introduce agreement categories, types and suggest uniform cataloguing;

c) Establish a standard framework and a process for agreement preparation, review, approval and signing; and

d) Provide and explain standards in response to commonly asked questions related to agreements and agreement review.

2.  Agreement Process Map (APM)

3.  Agreement Response Summary Form (ARS) – The ARS has replaced the PFAFS. Please refer to the policy and process map below when using this form.


  1. OCH Ledger
  2. Request Cash for OCH
  3. Substitute Invoice
  4. Travel Advance Request
  5. Travel Expense Voucher (TEV)
  6. Vendor Acknowledgment of Advance Payment
  7. Cash Transfer Between Offices
  8. Payment Request


  1. Pre-arrival Finance Checklist
  2. Finance Handover Checklist
  3. Scenarios 1 and 2 Declaration Checklist
  4. Regional and Country Level Checklist
  5. OCH Handover Checklist

Standard Finance JDs

  1. Finance Manager
  2. Finance Manager – EMECA
  3. Regional Finance Officer
  4. Senior Finance Officer
  5. Deputy Finance Manager
  6. Finance Officer 1
  7. Finance Officer 2

A Note on Budgeting and Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR)

For your convenience, we’ve posted the policy, procedure and related documents about including indirect cost recovery (ICR) amounts in budgets.  In the future we hope to have a whole section on budgeting, but in the meantime we are including these documents here.

POL-FIN-SIC-011 Subrecipients Indirect Cost Recovery – USG Funded Sub-Agreements / [Español] [Français]

PRO-OSD-FIN-012 Indirect Cost Recovery Waiver Procedure

PRO-OSD-FIN-012-A1 Blanket Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) Waiver Matrix

PRO-OSD-FIN-012-A2 Restricted Funds and Non-USG Awards, ICR Waiver Request Form

PRO-FIN-GRT-017.02 Grant Revenue Recognition & Indirect Cost Recovery