Procurement Process Outlines

Process Philosophy

The more money we plan on spending, the more careful we’re going to be with our purchasing process.

As the value of a purchase increases, so do the number of steps in the process and people involved.  Each step in the process is another opportunity for us to stop and reflect on the purchase we are making.    Meanwhile, the more people who are involved, the harder it is for any one person to bend the process to his or her personal advantage.

We list four basic levels of purchase below.  Click on a range to get a process outline for that level and links to the necessary forms.

Note that these levels are general and the country program in which you are working may have modified the amounts, or the procedures that go with each amount.  Be sure to check with the CP where you are working, (or the region, if there is no CP) before implementing these procedures.

Process Outlines for purchases:          

< $50

$50 – $500

$500 – $5,000

> $5,000