Collecting Bids on Purchases from $50 to $500

As always, check with the country program (or regional office, if there is no CP) before implementing this policy.  They may have established value limits and processes that are different from the ones we describe here.

For purchases of goods between $50 and $500, we just need to collect information verbally.  This means calling, emailing, or visiting a few vendors to find out what their prices are, and taking notes.  Then we buy the cheapest one that meets our needs.

It is best if you use the Purchasing Research Notes Template to write down what you find out.  If you do, you’ll have some reference for the fact that that the one you bought was the cheapest, and you’ll have the information about vendors in the files the next time someone asks for something similar.

Taking notes on each place you visited or talked to is not required, but it is a very good idea.

How to get bids for other purchase amounts:

< $50

$50 – $500 (this page)

$500 – $5,000

> $5,000