Collecting Bids for Purchases between $500 and $5,000

For purchases between $500 and $5,000, we want to get written bids.  We do this in the following manner:

      1. Purchasing fills out a Bid Request Form with the information from the PRF (but not the estimated prices).

        They include the deadline for getting it back to us (sometimes it’s best to also include a time of day in the deadline, like 5:00 pm), where to bring the form, and a phone number to call if they need us to pick up their bid.

      2. Purchasing distributes the forms to vendors by:
          1. Email
          2. Fax,
          3. Bringing it to them, OR
          4. Having the vendors come to the office to get it.
      3. Vendors will:
          1. Fill out the form, and
          2. Return the form to CRS by
                1. Email
                2. Fax
                3. Bringing it to the office, OR
                4. Asking someone from CRS to come pick it up.

The vendors must return their forms before the deadline.

(If quotes come in after the deadline, they cannot be considered in the decision between vendors.  But purchasing should file them with the PRF anyway, for the record).

The purchasing staff will organize a meeting with the Requester and the Approval Authority for a time after the deadline for bids.  They will bring the written bids (and/or print outs of emails and faxes) to the meeting.


How to get bids for other purchase amounts:

< $50

$50 – $500

$500 – $5,000 (this page)

> $5,000