Collect Bids for Purchases < $50

As always, check with the country program (or regional office, if there is no CP) before implementing this procedure.  They may have established value limits and processes that are different from the ones we describe here.

For purchases under $50 we don’t need any formal bids.  People can make these purchases on their own and get reimbursed (or get a cash advance, buy the items or services, then liquidate the advance).

However, everyone must always take reasonable steps to get the most for CRS’s money.  We are all responsible for spending funds wisely.  The donors have trusted us with the money they want to go to the beneficiaries and the beneficiaries trust us to make wise decisions.  We must honor that trust.

How to get bids for other purchase amounts:

< $50 (this page)

$50 – $500

$500 – $5,000

> $5,000