Tent Winterization

When tents are being used for shelter programming in cold climates, it is important to supply an adequate winterization kit with the tent. Winterization will include heater and fuel, as well as materials for insulating and allowing safe installation of heater. The type of heater used will be determined by local practice and availability of fuel.

It is essential that winterization kits are compatible with the tents being used. CRS or partner staff should be on hand during distribution and installation of kits to ensure proper installation, especially for the heater and protective material around the heater.

The following example winterization kit is designed by IFRC for their family tent described above. This kit does not include heater or fuel.

http://procurement.ifrc.org/catalogue/upload/products_data/files/HSHETENT01.pdf  IFRC Code: KRELSHEKTW01


  • 5x Insulating floor mat, Aluminized, fleece covered, .9×1.8m
  • Liner
  • Partition
  • Floor protection, heat resistant for tent heater, .5x1m
  • Sleeve, heat resistant, for tent heater fume pipe, .7x.35m