Specifications for Common Emergency Supplies and Equipment

This section is intended as a quick reference guide for common materials needed during the acute stages of emergency humanitarian interventions. The information should be used to provide field offices with guidance on what items are appropriate for given situations and allow for easy communication of needs and specifications between field and procurement offices. The guidance consists of two sections: office/operations materials and relief materials by sector.

Each section provides:

  • General guidance
  • Guidance on local vs. international/regional procurement
  • Indicative shipping information and costs
  • Specifications and components and
  • Other relevant notes

All information contained in the guidance is for planning purposes only – shipping packaging, costs and other details may differ according to your location and the suppliers used.

Where applicable, specific recommended models/items are given. Links to relevant manufacturers and cross-references with catalog items from Oxfam, IFRC, and Unicef are provided.

Common Emergency Supplies and Equipment – Specifications

Office Set-up

1. Communications – including Radio, Satellite Phones and Mobile Internet Communication systems.

2. Power – including Generators and Solar Power

3. Mobile Storage Units (MSU) or Movable Warehouses

4. Vehicles and Accessories – including Winches and Bullbars and Tool Kits

5. Safety – including First Aid Kits and Fire Extinguishers

6. Accommodation – including Office Tents and Sleeping Tents

7. Latrines

Non-Food Items & Programming Supplies/Equipment

8. Shelter

Including TarpsRopesShade nettingCGI sheetingCementTentsWinterization for Tents, and Timber and Bamboo


Including Hygiene & Household Water Kits,  Latrine Cleaning Kit, Solid Waste Removal KitWater Testing KitWater Supply (Ground Bladder30m3 Onion Tank6m3 Trucking Bladder5m3 Storage Tank KitTank Sheets, and Tank Fitting Kit)

10. Non-Food Items (NFI)

Including Mosquito NetsKitchen KitsNFI/Household Kits (Blankets, Jerry Cans, Sleeping Mats)

11. Tools and Cleaning Kits