Key Documents & Technical References

This section provides links to some overarching shelter and settlements technical references and guidance documents, please also feel free to contact the Humanitarian Response Department Shelter and Settlements team with questions or requests for support

CRS Reconstruction How-to Guide (2012) 

A step-by-step guide to construction project management within the international relief sector/post-disaster situations. It gives best practice process to follow when engaging in a construction project either as part of emergency/transitional shelter, permanent housing or community infrastructure projects (roads, sewer, hospitals and schools)

Global Shelter Cluster Construction Good Practices

A document for common standards for the responsible delivery of building construction in humanitarian settings as agreed by the Shelter Cluster

Sphere Standards (2018)

Refer to Sphere Standards (2018) for the internationally recognized sets of common principles and universal minimum standards for the delivery of quality humanitarian response. Chapter 7 focuses on Shelter & Settlements.

Participatory Approach for Safe Shelter Awareness (PASSA),

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, (2011) referenced for best practice on participatory approaches and facilitation techniques.

CRS Shelter & Settlements Case Studies

Explanation and examples of CRS Shelter and Settlement work globally