VHF Handheld Radio/Walkie-Talkie (Motorola)

Procurement location:  This exact model may be available for local purchase, but if not, then source regionally and/or through HQ. It is recommended that the IT and HRD Departments are consulted before alternative makes or models are considered.

Manufacturer link:  http://www.motorolasolutions.com/XU-EN/Business+Product+and+Services/Two-Way+Radios+-+Licensed/Portable+Radios/GP+Professional+Series/GP380_XU-EN

Oxfam code: KVHW/8

Shipping and cost details:

Item Packaging Weight Dimensions Volume Cost
Motorola Hand Set 1 cartons 10 kg 47 x 49 x 25 cm 58L $350


Channel 16
Output 5 Watt
Frequency range 136 MHz ro 174 MHz, 12.5 KHz channel spacing, 5KHz steps, CTCSS tone capability
Geographic range Up to 8km in open areas


  • Motorola GP-380 hand held VHF transceiver, with antenna, belt clip.
  • Rechargable battery, 1900 mAh NiMh
  • Battery charger – for 220V operation with AC adapter, fitted with 3 pin UK plug.
  • Charger – for 12V DC vehicle cigarette lighter socket
  • Programming cable, USB, with CD
  • Extension cable, 6-way, 3-pin UK/EU/US sockets, fitted with 3-pin plug, 5m


  • This kit includes all the necessary equipment and instructions for field programming of the walkie-talkies using PC software (not compatible with Mac).
  • The range of the hand-held radios will depend upon the location, but typically walkie-talkie to walkie-talkie communication in an open area is only possible over distances up to 5 miles (8km). In a built-up area or around hills/mountains the range will decrease significantly. The effective range of a VHF system can be enhanced through the use of a VHF base station or repeater station.