Considerations Before You Advertise

  1. How widely will you advertise? If the position will require specialized expertise and you are located in a remote small town (with a small job market), you might have to advertise outside the immediate area, or even nationally. If you decide to do so, contact the national HR office for advice.
  2. Security If CRS and NGOs generally are favorably received in the area, there should be no problem posting the job wherever you feel it is appropriate. However, if you must keep a low profile, you should take that into consideration when getting the word out about vacancies.
  3. Gender and Ethnic Balance What gender, ethnic, or language group considerations might there be? Make sure you are using methods that will get to both men and women, and that will reach all ethnic and language groups.
  4. The languages and literacy levels of the local population, and sub-groups within that population.
  5. Cost of Advertising You will want to know how much using various methods will cost.

When you’ve considered all these things, you’ll be ready to start advertising.  Here are some ideas on where to advertise.