How-To Guide: Managing Post-disaster (Re)-Construction Projects

This step-by-step guide explains how to manage the two main types of CRS post-disaster or post-conflict construction: owner-driven and contractor-built. The intended audience includes non-construction professionals, construction professionals who are new to international relief and engineers.  A webinar describing how to use the guide can be found on CRS Global (note: internet connection and CRS Global password required to access the webinar)

This document offers guidance in order to achieve appropriate quality construction and to promote shelter solutions that provide adequate protection, privacy, health and safety, ultimately contributing to rebuilding the affected populations’ livelihoods. It includes practical advice, templates and examples to help improve and safeguard the overall quality outcome, with attention to conditions and challenges in construction management which implementers may face in post-disaster (re)-construction.

Introduction – What can I do with this guide?

Book A: Things to consider when (re)-constructing in post-disaster situation

Book B: How to manage an owner-driven construction project

Book C: How to manage a contractor-built project

Appendices and Further Reading

How To Guide Attachments and Templates