Water Supply – Specifications

The following water storage options can be used for temporary storage (bladder and onion tank), for constructing more permanent lined metal storage tank (tank kit) or for trucking water transportation.

When ordering bladder or other water storage systems, it is important to ensure that all necessary fitting for set up and operation are included. Number and fittings for all tapstands, piping, etc. need to be considered.

Water storage systems should only be ordered in consultation with WASH TA or other specialist in order to ensure appropriate size and type of storage, water quality at source and contamination-free transfer of water to distribution point.

See distributor link: http://www.butylproducts.co.uk/Products-Services/AidEquipment/

The lightweight rapid response water storage tanks comprise a 6m³ trucking bladder tank for use in water transport, a 10m³ bladder tank for static water storage and a 30m³ onion tank for water treatment and storage. Use will depend upon the number of users and location.  All three of these tanks are easily assembled and dismantled.  Each of these tanks is very simple to install and come with complementary tank fitting kits.

Other tanks can also be used as referenced in this publication from Oxfam.

Procurement location:  The below water systems will likely not be available in the local market. Procure regionally.

Small water storage tanks may be procured locally according to availability. All tanks should be made of food grade HDPE.

The following are various size water storage bladder systems with all necessary components:

10m3 Ground Bladder PVC tank

30m3 Onion PVC tank

6m3 Trucking bladder PVC tank

45 m3 Storage Tank Kit

Tank Sheets

Tank Fitting Kit