VHF Radio Kit for use as Base or in Vehicle (Motorola)

A VHF radio kit for voice links to other VHF radios. For installation in an office, house or vehicle.

Used to give greater range and clarity when communicating with VHF Hand-held radio users. Kit includes antenna (for vehicle or base) and all installation fittings and cables.

Procurement location:  This exact model may be available for local purchase, but if not, then source regionally and/or through HQ. It is recommended that the IT and HRD Departments are consulted before alternative makes or models are considered.

Manufacturer link:  http://www.motorolasolutions.com/XU-EN/Business+Product+and+Services/Two-Way+Radios+-+Licensed/Mobile+Radios/GM+Professional+Series/GM360_XU-EN,PK-EN

Oxfam code:   KVHB/6

Shipping and cost details:

Item Packaging Weight Dimensions Cost
HF Radio Base Station 1 cartons 11 kg 130 x 32 x 24cm $960


  • 25 watt programmable mobile/base transceiver with external speaker
  • Smart/DTMF microphone
  • Terminated fused power leads for 12 volt operation
  • Frequency range 136 – 174MHz, 256 Channel, 12.5KHz channel spacing, 5KHz steps, CTCSS tone capability


  • Motorola GM-360 transceiver
  • Microphone and cable
  • 30 meter Cable, UR67, terminated with PL-259 plug and N-Type plugs
  • Programming Kit – PC programming software (CD-ROM) with USB cable
  • Antenna, VHF, Kathrein No.215465 with 2″ OD mast mounting clamp
  • 30 meter Cable, coaxial, with connectors and lightning surge protector
  • Earth rod and clamp, copper
  • 5 meter Cable, earth, single core, 4 mm, green
  • Vehicle antenna, VHF, with 4m length coaxial cable, terminated with PL-259 plug and gutter clip for mounting
  • 2 each Fuse – for power cable
  • Mounting and fixing accessories: connectors, screws, cable ties, spare fuses


  • This kit includes all necessary equipment and instructions for programming the radio using the PC software and cloning cable.
  • The vehicle antenna should be cut to size for the frequency used (see included guide).
  • The range of a VHF network will depend upon location but the base/mobile unit will have a better effective range than a walkie-talkie.