HF Radio Base Station (Codan Envoy)

Includes all components for one base station.

Procurement location:  This model may be available locally, but if not, then source regionally and/or through HQ. Alternate models should be considered only with consultation of IT department and HRD.

Manufacturer link:  http://www.codanradio.com/product/ngt-sr-systems/

Oxfam Product Code:   KHB

Item Packaging Weight Dimensions Volume Cost
HF Radio Base Station 2 cartons 18 kg 1) 51 x 34 x 30cm2) 143 x 17 x 17 cm 93L total $4,800


Frequency Range Transmit

Frequency Range Receive

1.6-30 MHz

250 kHz – 30 MHz

Channels 1000
Power Output 125 Watts
Power input 13.8 Volts DC


  • Envoy 2220 Handset
  • Envoy Handset Cradle, 2220
  • Getting Started Guide, Envoy™ Transceiver – EN
  • External Speaker with 4 m Lead
  • 411 folded dipole antenna, 27m
  • Cable, Envoy™/NGT™ Handset Control (6m)
  • 15-00702 Cable Kit for Float Charge
  • Envoy X1 RF Unit, 2210
  • Cable, Coax RG58 terminated with PL259, 30m
  • Self Adhesive Rubber Feet (pack of 4)


  • Frequencies and options are programmed via the RS232 socket using NSP software and a PC.
  • Can be programmed manually by suitably qualified person.
  • Data transmission is possible when the optional Radio, HF, Data Modem is used.
  • Antenna requires a minimum of 30m mast spacing. Comes with inverted V mounting arm.


Programming software and interface cables are necessary for installation. Necessary if the country program does not already have them.

NSP NGT System Programmer CD (15-04128) Necessary software for setting up system
NSP Programming Interface cable (08-05123-001) Necessary for programming new system
Adaptor USB to DB9 Serial Port (78-01031) Adapt to connect to computer with no serial port