Cellular Networks & Modems

As a first choice CRS prefers to use local cellular networks and modems where there is a functioning network. The uses of smart phones should be consider in locations of G3/G4 service as they can be used in conjunction with CommCare to gather assessment and monitoring data including photographs and GPS coordinates.

Where network access permits cellular modems are a good mobile option for internet communication utilizing standards-based 2G, 3G or 4G technologies to provide wireless data communication over worldwide cellular networks. Local cellular companies often have available flash disk modems. These devices plug into a laptop’s USB ports and use cellular networks to access internet. These devices will only function where cellular service is operational. They are slower than satellite terminals and data usage can be very expensive, though not as expensive as satellite systems. Refer to local communications companies for details. Whenever internet connection is possible though with connectivity problems, then Skype and WhatsAPP can serve similar functions as mentioned above for texting.