Vehicle Spare Parts Management System

Whenever local vendors of quality, genuine spare parts are available, we generally do not maintain an inventory of spares.  At times, however, we procure spares.  For example, the main CP office may procure spares locally for shipment to field offices in locations where spares are not available.  Most often the parts include items like filters, tires and tubes, fan belts, oil, brake fluid, etc. In such cases, the field office must set up a Spares Parts Management System.

Experience shows that vehicle spares stocks are very vulnerable to theft and fraud.  A number of controls must put in place when managing stocks of spares, and the management system must be strengthened over time.  This section describes a basic management system that complies with CRS and donor policies and procedures.

Should your operations requires you to maintain a stock of spare parts, this guidance and these tools will be of value: Spare Parts Management Procedure– a series of documents, including an example from South Sudan can be found below.

1. Spare Parts Management Procedure – South Sudan

2. Spare Parts Inventory Template & Order Sheet

3. Spare Parts Bin Card (English) and Fran├žais

4. Spare Parts Material Request & Issuance Voucher

Ensure all spare parts stock inventory management is following the Inventoriable Goods Policy (PRO-FIN-INV-025.01).