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General vehicle insurance policy information must be provided by each Country Program to Finance/Global Cash Management to monitor the compliance of required coverage. This information should be updated whenever (1) the insurance policy expires; (2) is renewed and/or changes – please see the template, which is sent to HQ with a copy retained on file in the field office;

Vehicle Use Agreement or Motorized Equipment Use Agreement (for partners) ;

Motorized Equipment Donation Agreement (to Partners)

Vehicle Personal Use Cost Recovery Calculator: This tool can be used to calculate the personal vehicle use cost based on current average vehicle operating costs. An alternative in an emergency operation would be to charge a monthly lump sum amount for personal use of CRS vehicles. While making such determinations, consult with the DRD MQ.


POL-OSD-VEH-002_Use of CRS Vehicles Policy

POL-OSD-VEH-002_Vehicle Insurance

POL-OSD-VEH-003_Selection and Purchase of CRS Vehicles

PRO-OSD-PRM-001_Property Management

POL-OSD-PRM-002_Purchase of Program Property

POL-OSD-PRM-003_Importation of Property for Partners

POL-FIN-ALL-020_Revised Cost Allocation Policy_120323

Country Program Vehicle Usage Policy Samples

Sample Local Vehicle Use Policy (EARO)

Sample Local Vehicle Use Policy (Nigeria)


CRS Fleet Manager’s Toolkit

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