Incident Reporting

All safety and security incidents must be reported immediately using one of the two forms linked at the bottom of this page.

A reportable incident is any safety or security event that directly or potentially results in:

  1. Harm to CRS staff (national or international), international staff dependents or visitors; 
  2. CRS property loss/damage valued at $500 or more; and/or 
  3. Programming delays or suspension (temporary or permanent) of programming in a given location.

Any CRS staff person with Intranet access can submit a Safety and Security Incident Report online using the link below.  But  please ask your Security Focal Point or Country Representative about your country’s reporting protocol.

Online Incident Report Form (This a page on Global.  You’ll need internet access and your sign-on information)

Incident Report Form, Paper English (Use this if you can’t reach the online form)

Formulaire de déclaration d’incident de sûreté et de sécurité du personnel, Papier

Formulario de Informe de Incidentes de Seguridad, Papel