Operations Guidance for Cash Based Programming

Operations Guidance for Cash Based Programming: The majority of CRS country programs have implemented some form of cash based programming. Cash-based programming is an area where traditional division of responsibilities between Programming and Operations staff has shifted: both Programming and Operations staff have significant roles in the planning and implementation of cash-based programs. Until now, the current tools developed for cash-based programming have not yet fully addressed the operations side of cash based projects in CRS management systems.

As CRS continues to scale up and increase its quality and professionalism in cash-based programming, and given the requirements of CRS’ own audit processes, there is a need for clear guidance for CPs and regions to have simple and standard operational procedures for implementing cash and voucher programs.

The Operations Guidance for Cash-Based Programming starts from the point where the decision is taken to engage in cash-based programming and will assist in determining the most appropriate modality to use in your specific context as well as the steps in implementing the process.

Below are the specific sections of the Operations Guidance for Cash Based Programming disaggregated for quick reference:

Risk Assessment Checklist: Country Programs can use the Risk Assessment Checklist as a first step to quickly assess its systems before starting a cash-based response or to review its ongoing interventions.

Section 1: Getting Started & General Operational Considerationoutlines the three main modalities in cash based programming; looks at staffing as well as risk mitigation.

Section 2: Beneficiary Selection focuses on beneficiary selection and administration.

Section 3: Vendor and Service Provider Selection focuses on the process of vendor identification in the framework of regular procurement policies.

Section 4: Procuring and Printing (Paper Vouchers Only) describes the process of voucher procurement and printing.

Section 5: Handling Vouchers and Debit CardsAs vouchers and cards are treated like cash, the process of handling printed vouchers and debit cards is described in this section.

Section 6: Payments to Vendors (Voucher Programs Only) focuses specifically on the sales record and invoice process as well as the verification and payment steps.

Section 7: Cash Transfer Payments to Beneficiaries (and Vendors) looks at the process and various modalities of transferring money to beneficiaries and vendors.

Section 8: Making Modifications Mid-ProgramThere are a number of reasons why a program may need to change mid-course and this section outlines different strategies to address issues as they arise.