MBRRR Standard Training

MBRRR Standard Training materials are intended for practitioners or interested staff who are leading or contributing to market-based program activities.  The training materials are intended to be modified for each context, and do not have to be utilized in any order.  These training materials have been drawn from a number of different sources; links to these resources are at the bottom of this page.  The materials consist of the following:

          Facilitation guides.  Each session includes a facilitation guide to help the trainer. The guides refer to handouts and slides.  Please note that the timing estimates on the facilitation guides were designed for an audience that already has an understanding of markets; if your audience has less experience with cash and markets programming, please add time for each session as appropriate.

          Handouts.  Each session includes handouts for training sessions and in-class activities.

          Presentations: Each session includes a powerpoint presentation.

There are 6 main subjects of the MBRRR Standard Training materials:

Section 1:  Introduction to cash and markets programming.  These sessions offer an introduction to MBRRR programs within CRS. They include an overview of key market concepts, as well as guidance on relevant standards that should be followed.

Section 2: Response Analysis.  These sessions focus on the concepts behind making good programming decisions based on an analysis of possible response options that will optimize benefits to communities and local markets.

Section 3:  Market Assessments.  These sessions focus on the basics of designing and conducting market assessments, including an introduction to market system mapping.

Section 4:  Designing Market-Based Programs:  This section focuses on the factors to consider when designing a good market-based program.

Section 5:  Implementing Market-Based Programs:  These sessions focus on implementation, and provide guidance on activity planning, implementation process, documentation, and monitoring.  It also includes guidance on delivering cash. 

Section 6:  Gender and Protection Mainstreaming in Market-Based Programs:  This section provides a framework and practical tools for ensuring you are maintaining a safe, dignified and accountable MBRRR program.

Reference Materials

The MBRRR Standard Training materials were drawn from numerous sources, including the following:

CaLP Minimum Requirements for Market Analysis in Emergencies, with permission from Vincent Trousseau, Jan. 2015  

EMMA Toolkit  

Minimum Economic Recovery Standards (MERS) training materials by Tony Dines