Evaluate Warehouse Options

When you visit potential warehouse sites, you’ll look at three different aspects of the facility and location:

  1. Do the site and building meet our operational needs?
  2. Is it secure?  We provide three resources here that should help you determine this.
    1. Protecting CRS Buildings (from Safe & Sound)
    2. Security Management Assessment Checklist, Sections 1 & 2 (from Safe & Sound)
    3. Warehouse Safety and Security (from FACMM)     
  3. What is the price (and other lease details)?

The attached Considerations When Choosing a Warehouse Site lists many of the aspects you should look at when evaluating possible warehouses.

NOTE:   Ideally, a warehouse will have inside of it a separate area that can be used as an office.   If you can, find a building that has an office that is physically separated from the main warehousing space and has a separate entrance.

When you’ve found the best site for the money, move to step 4, signing the lease.