Sending Overview

We receive and store items because we will eventually use them for something.  In this guide “Sending” items refers to the process we use to release what we have stored and get it to where it will be used.

The Owner of stock begins the Sending process with a Dispatch Stock Release Form.  On this form the Owner writes exactly:

What the warehouse staff should send,

How much of it,

To whom,

Where, and


And then has the form approved by the appropriate authority (usually his/her supervisor).

Based on this properly approved request the Warehouse Manager and his/her staff are responsible to:

Identify and organize the items to be sent,

Organize labor to assist with un-stacking and loading the items into the transport,

Oversee the loading,

Issue the Waybill, and

Record and report on what they sent.

We divide the whole process into three stages:

  1. Before you send things (Getting the request and preparing to load)
  2. During the sending (Loading trucks and filling out forms)
  3. After you send things. (Updating the records and reporting out)