Waybill (when Sending)

For instructions on how to use the Waybill when receiving things, click here.


Pre-numbered (this means that you have them printed by a professional printer with numbers printed on them, in order),

Carbon copy form with 5 copies.


Lists all the items given to a delivery person for shipment and says exactly where the delivery should go, and exactly who should get it.   (This form is also used when we Receive things.)

The form has three parts.

Part 1:  Details about the Sender, Transporter and Receiver

Part 2:  Details about the items being sent.

Part 3:  Details about the items as they are received at the other end (this part is only used when the items are finally delivered and Received at the other end).

Waybill is written by an appropriate warehouse staff person on the basis of a Stock Release Form. Only parts 1 and 2 are filled out at the Sending step. Part 3 is filled in by the Receiver when the items are delivered at the other end. (see Receiving).

How to Use (in Sending)

Step 1:  Preparing the Waybill

A warehouse official present at the loading will complete information in part 1 and 2 on the Waybill.

This person who prepares the waybill can be any warehouse staff person, but for proper Segregation of Duties, it must be someone other than:

  1. The people who requested and approved the Stock Release,
  2. The person who will approve the Waybill,
  3. The person who does the warehouse record keeping, and
  4. The Warehouse Manager.

Step 2: Approving the Waybill

The Warehouse Manager, or other person designated by the CR as the signatory authority for waybills, approves the completed waybill.

For proper segregation of duties, the approver must someone other than:

  1. The people who requested and approved the Stock Release,
  2. The person who prepared the waybill.
  3. The person who does the warehouse record keeping, and
  4. The person who will sign for receipt when the items are delivered.

The Warehouse Manager will then have the Delivery Person sign the waybill to show that the Delivery Person is responsible for the goods while they are in transit between the Sender and the Receiver.

If a delivery consists of multiple trucks, each truck should have its own Waybill.

How to Distribute Copies

After signature, the Warehouse Manager gives:

The original (top page) and two copies (next two pages) to the Delivery Person.  (These three copies will be given out to different people after the delivery).

Copy 4:  Sending warehouse’s records

Copy 5:  The person who sent the Stock Release Request

Waybill (Without Return)

Waybill (With Return)

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