Waybill (When Receiving)

For instructions on how to use the Waybill when sending things, click here.


Pre-numbered (this means that you have them printed by a professional printer with numbers printed on them, in order),

At the Receiving stage, you will use only the original and two copies.  The other two copies will have stayed with the person who sent the items.  For more on this see the instructions for using a Waybill in sending.


Shows the Receiver what should be in the delivery and allows for the Receiver to make notes on what arrived and what condition the items are in.  

Properly filled out and signed, this document allows:

  1. The Delivery Person to show that he delivered what he was supposed to deliver.
  2. The Receiver to document any problems with the shipment so we can make a claim against the vendor or transport company.

How to Use (in Receiving)

The Receiver (this is generally the Warehouse Officer) will compare the information on the Waybill to a physical count and inspection of the items delivered.

The Receiver will then write the quantity and quality of items received on the form, sign it, and have Delivery Person sign.

If a delivery consists of multiple trucks, each truck should have its own Waybill.

How to Distribute Copies

After signature, the receiver will give out the copies like this:

Original:  Goes back to the place from which the delivery came, as proof that the delivery they sent was completed. (How it gets there depends on the situation).

Copy 1:  Receiving warehouse files

Copy 2:  Transporter, for their records

Note:  The Sender, the person who sent you the items, will already have the last two copies of this document.  He/She will keep those copies in his/her records to show what he/she has sent out.  We’ll do this too, when we send things.  Click here to learn about that.

Waybill (Without Return)

Waybill (With Return)

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