Warehouse Inspection Checklist




Regular (daily, weekly and monthly) inspections of the interior and exterior of the warehouse should be made to verify the quality of the stored goods as well as the conditions of their storage.

How to Use       

Using the checklist template provided:

Do a formal, documented inspection:

  1. When the warehouse begins operation and/or when you take over warehouse responsibilities.  Based on the number of follow-up actions necessary you can then determine the frequency of subsequent inspections.  This inspection can be carried out by warehouse staff.
  2. At a minimum, a warehouse inspection should be carried out by the outside inventory team every time there is a physical inventory done to access progress made on ensuring adequate warehouse management (for this reason, the warehouse inspection checklist is included in the physical inventory checklist).  Delays in meeting inspection standards could result in more frequent inspections.

How to Distribute Copies

The original signed inspection checklists should be filed in the warehouse.  One copy should be filed in the main office to be used as a basis of warehouse oversight.

Click here for a copy of the form in English.

In French: Check-list d’inspection d’entrepôt

In Spanish: Lista de Verificación de Seguridad para Bodegas

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